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About Us

Keen is your free expert consultant for payments and their peripherals. Over the past decade, we have worked with thousands of merchants in all fifty states, curating insider relationships with the best processors and the most solid next-generation point of sale companies. We do the filtering and legwork and pass you the resulting advantages, finding you the right solution for your immediate needs and future growth. You pay us nothing, we simply have the know-how, permissions, and group purchasing power to customize plans with processors, hardware, and software companies that you can't find anywhere else.



Keen has received an industry award of excellence. As one of but a handful of merchant-facing Certified Payment Professionals (CPP) of the Electronic Transaction Association. CPP is the only certification in the payments industry and sets the standard for professional performance as a symbol of excellence. It signifies a knowledge and skill required to perform competently in today's complex electronic payments environment, mastery of pricing and interchange; business process, operations and workflow; products and solutions; risk; and regulatory, and security compliance.


We have gone beyond industry standards to ensure data security for all our clients.

  • Encryption of all electronic data, devices, and servers with 4096 bit encryption, twice the banking standard.
  • All messaging servers are secured inside a mountain in the Swiss Alps, utilizing a service developed by CERN scientists specifically for data security.
  • Our electronic traffic tunnels out via the same Swiss servers with a likewise-encrypted VPN.
  • All communications employ two-factor access authentication via a randomized algorithm which changes every 30 seconds.
  • Communication is accessed with a randomized, then memorized, 25+ character access key (a key which has been speculated to take hundreds of thousands of years for the world’s best supercomputer to crack).
  • Moreover, communication is encrypted with yet a separate randomized, then memorized, 25+ character decryption key
    • We are paperless–never writing down passwords or other sensitive data
    • These access and decryption steps can only be bypassed via verified agent thumbprint (never face recognition), protected by constitutional law from forfeiture for the unlocking of devices.
    • Emails which contain sensitive client-specific information are password-protected even from the recipient being viewed and replied to outside of email. Otherwise said: no “confidentiality” clauses necessary because if it’s sensitive, unintended recipients wouldn’t even be able to view it, and even if your email is hacked our correspondence will not be compromised.
    • All Keen agent devices are remote trackable, lockable, and wipeable in case of theft or loss.
    • We verify that all software and equipment passes the most rigorous security requirements (PCI-DSS certified)
    • To prevent data breaches, we assist merchants in certifying their mandatory compliance with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
    • We provide each client with free encrypted PCI-DSS Certified equipment


We have partnered with North American Bancard because it is the only processor with 24/7/365 USA based support, and one of only a few "end-to-end" processors handling every aspect of payment processing themselves, entirely in-house. That pays dividends through next-day funding with a midnight settlement cutoff, instant and immediate transaction dispute notifications and integration of dispute resolutions into the online merchant portal, in-house gateway customization support, and group-bundled third-party vendor pricing leveraging the purchasing power of about a half-million merchants. North American Bancard has been A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau since 2001 by merchants like you.


"There are payment processors, and then there’s Keen” Keen’s ability to quickly analyze and implement a customized credit card processing program while respecting and understanding our unique business is impressive. They helped us enormously in determining the right system for Optimo which wedded smooth production management to the best customer experience. Keen also helped me understand how the popular ‘flat %’ processing fees offered by many popular companies are the most expensive for your business. They also took great care to ensure the right steps are taken to prevent chargebacks and fraud. We are huge fans." - Nina and Graham Thompson, Owners. For more info visit optimo.com


"With all the moving parts in our business, I've appreciate that Keen has been rock-solid for us, on much more than just payments." "After saving us over $1,300 per month across our locations, we've since appreciated Keen's presence in the room to advise us on next generation Point of Sale systems, data security, and even striking a balance between approvals and fraud prevention for our online ordering platform." "Keen is anything but the card payments people I had come to expect!” “You can also mention attention to detail, proactive service and best-dressed person with funnest wife, if you wish :)” -Florian Pfahler, Managing Partner. For more info visit hannahsbretzel.com

“We recommend Keen Merchant Consulting as the most effective and competent vendors with whom we have ever worked with in our 120 years of business. The Keen Group has consistently given to Central Camera Company the highest quality attention towards the monitoring of ALL its services. We have always received more than we have given–we are treated as a family member and partner. I can offer the highest and longest praise for the professional handling of ALL our needs. Situations are resolved before one day has passed. We are highly satisfied and recommend Keen with their special ways and means above all others.” -Don Flesch, 3rd generation owner. For more info visit centralcamera.com


"Keen Merchant Consulting helped me set up credit card processing for my small LLC business. They were able to tailor the fees to they type of clients I have and cards I will be processing. They also helped set some practices in place to help minimize my risk/liability for disputes. Great customer service, I'm a small business compared to some but Keen Merchant made me feel just as important. Before Keen I was using Square and because of the switch I pay less in fees. Thanks Keen Merchant Consulting!!" -Greg Braun, Partner. For more info visit myreallaw.com


"Keen recognized from the start that we ran our restaurant our way–mixing retail, takeout, and deli with with daytime 'quick' service and evening sit-down–so they customized a solution just for us. Keen saved us hundreds per month, gave us free equipment that quickly and reliably handles peak rush times, and arranged several next-generation systems for demonstration that could flex to fit our operations, rather than the other way around. We're now on our way to streamlined front and back-end operations, with the ability to easily grow with integrated online ordering!” -Giovanni and Linda Scorzo, Owners. For more info visit andreoli-grocer.com

"Keen Merchant Consulting understood the particular ways that we operate our business. They provided a free wireless smart terminal as well as a bluetooth reader for my mobile phone, which had the ability to email payable invoices to our clients as well. It was a quick and powerful solution!" -Luca Proscia, Director of USA Operations. For more info visit stivalifabbri.it


"With Keen I realized that card processing didn't have to be as painful as a root canal! Sure Keen saved us a lot of money, real money 'in hand' too not imaginary money 'in the bush' like with all the others. But Keen also helped us collect more money with the included eInvoicing, and automated recurring eInvoicing which is handy for some patients. Much, much appreciated!” -Matthew Prescott, Dentist